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  • Robots, Rockets, and Drones for Teachers

Robots, Rockets, and Drones

  • Explore and teach applied physics through the use of rockets, robots and drones
  • Investigate the physics of indigenous technologies
  • Grow teacher knowledge, attitudes, and self-efficacy about Indigenous Knowledge
  • Explore ways to incorporate place-based learning, problem-based learning, and Alaskan standards into lesson planning

Placed based activities may include:

  • Students in this class will also explore an activity based around the Physics of the atlatl or similar Indigenous technology
  • Snares
  • Native Clothing - physics of keeping warm
  • Fish wheel


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Dates and Location 


Dates: June 2 - 8, 2021

Non-refundable Registration Fee: $100

Credits: 3

Location: Valdez

Contact: Katie Bobowski, 907-822-3673 or

Instructor: Steve Johnson

  • What to expect

    Building, flying, or programming robots, rockets and drones. Class will be a combination of classroom and field experiences.
    Incorporate Indigenous knowledge into your lessons.

  • What you will get

    All students will develop a place-based lesson plan or unit to use in their own classroom. All of the lesson plans developed will be put into an online database that will be made available to all students for adaptation and use in their classroom

  •  Why you should come
    • Gives teachers the ability to reconnect to and re-energize their passion for teaching.
    • Mixes classroom activities with place-based/outdoor activities, which asks the teachers to not only consider their curriculum, but to also consider their classroom
    • Collaborative workshop activities allow STEM teachers to meet and network with other educators who are living through the same experience
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Meet The Professor 
Instructor Steve Johnson with Prince William Sound College

Steve Johnson

Dr. Steven W. Johnson is an Associate Professor of Computing/Information Technology at Prince William Sound College. He has been a full-time faculty for the University of Alaska for 10 years, including four years of teaching experience at Kuskokwim Campus in Bethel, Alaska. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business, completed an NCATE-approved teacher preparation program, and earned his master’s degree in Training and Learning Technologies at the University of New Mexico. He has also completed the necessary coursework for a master’s degree in Special Education and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership at the University of New Mexico. His doctorate is in Information Technology and he specializes in e-commerce and mobile application development.  Dr. Johnson brings the teaching and learning experiences he acquired in Bethel, Napakiak, Alakanuk, and Kotlik to the instructional team, along with an extensive background in a variety of educational needs and settings.



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