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  • Math or Chemistry for Teachers

    Learn how to use the ALEKS instructional software to teach math or chemistry skills to 3rd through 12th-grade students.

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Learn how to use ALEKS instructional software to teach math skills to 3rd - 12th-grade students or chemistry skills to high school students. “Math for Teachers” and "Chemistry for Teachers" mixes classroom-based instruction using ALEKS online adaptive software with hand-on place-based culturally responsible instruction to help students to see relevant connections to math and science by better understanding connections to nature. Examples include simple tabulations of natural events, tree ring measurements, simple statistical analysis, and fish run statistics. Data from place-based activities is charted using Excel.  

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Location: Prince William Sound College, Valdez, Alaska

Contact: Woody Woodgate at


The goal of this course is to help teachers explain and demonstrate to their students how math and mathematical concepts are used to explain and understand the environment that they live in.

2020 Schedule 
Time Block Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
a.m.1 ALEKS intro and diagnostic assessment ALEKS direct instruction ALEKS direct instruction ALEKS direct instruction ALEKS direct instruction Presentations
a.m. 2 Introduction to Excel Excel data from Prince William Sound Excel data from Dock Point Excel data from fish hatchery Excel data from Valdez Glacier Presentations
p.m. 1 Place-based lesson at Prince William Sound College Place-based lesson at Dock Point Place-based lesson at the fish hatchery Place-based lesson at the Valdez Glacier  Place-based instruction presentation by teachers Wrap up
p.m. 2 Images Outdoor Activity Outdoor Activity Outdoor Activity Outdoor Activity Lesson Plans
Dinner        Cookout    BBQ
Evening ALEKS homework ALEKS homework ALEKS homework  Place-based lesson homework ALEKS presentation homework