PWSC Photo Bank on Flickr

This photo bank has been curated for PWSC staff and faculty to use for promotional purposes of the College. Please read the guidelines below that outline appropriate use of these photos.

Use Guidelines

  • All images in the PWSC Photo Bank may be used and are released for use, by PWSC faculty and staff to promote PWSC.
  • Images may only be used for PWSC print and digital publications.
  • By using this service the end user assumes all liability and releases and holds harmless the University of Alaska, University of Alaska Anchorage, Prince William Sound College and its staff.


Visit the PWSC Photo Bank


Photo Releases

Generally, if you are taking photos, video or audio of PWSC students, faculty or staff, you must obtain permission to use the photo, video or recording. You can download the PWSC Media Release form below, have the subject(s) sign the form and file the form in your office.


Photo Release Forms

PWSC-Media-Release (366.1 KiB)

PWSC Group Media Release (397.9 KiB)


Photography Request

If you can not find the type of image(s) you need for your PWSC publications, please use the form below to let us know. In some cases, we may have images that will work for you that we have not yet published in the photo bank. If there is a PWSC course or event that you would like media coverage for and/or a photographer on site, please feel free to use this form to request this service.

PWSC Photo Bank

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