Prince William Sound College’s faculty and staff are dedicated to help you reach your academic, career, and lifelong learning goals.  They come from varied backgrounds, rich with experiences and expertise to share with you.The Academic Affairs Division is excited that you have chosen PWSC and are proud to support your educational endeavors.

The Academic Affairs at Prince William Sound College facilitates accessible, quality learning by overseeing academic programs and course offerings. The major responsibilities of the Academic Affairs are to support faculty, provide students an avenue of appeal for academic matters, and to facilitate the following instructional functions:

  • Developing curricula
  • Appointing faculty
  • Evaluating instruction
  • Assessing student learning outcomes
  • Partnering with secondary schools for concurrent enrollment
  • Facilitating educational outreach and special interest courses
  • Coordinating library services
  • Fostering opportunities for lifelong learning

General Contact Information

Academic Administrative Support:
Jay Stevens
Phone: 907-834-1617
Industrial Technology:
Sandra Rake
Phone: 907-834-1659

Academic Affairs Staff

Don Bickley
Virtual Classroom Designer, Creativity and Innovation Coordinator
Steve Johnson
Assistant Director of Academic Affairs
Sharry Miller
Assistant Director of Academic Affairs
Sandra Rake
Training Coordinator
Jay Stevens
Administrative Assistant


For a full list of our Faculty, please visit the Staff and Faculty Directory.

Office of Academic Affairs

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