Healthier Valdez January 27-April 21, 2018

Program Overview

The Healthier Valdez Challenge is a wellness program that uses a holistic and community-based approach to health and wellness. The program challenges you to approach health from several angles. Main components of the program are:  Kickoff,  physical fitness improvements, sponsored wellness activities, nutrition, exercise,  fitness center attendance, healthy commitments,  and the finale. Please read below for more details on each component.

ActivityIncentive StampsAdditional Information
Kickoffn/aObtain your passport, learn program rules, begin your fitness assessment,  and set goals. (January 27, 2018)
Physical fitness improvementsup to 50 stampsDuring kickoff demonstrations  and participation of  fitness assessment activities will give participants the opportunity to get a stamps at each station. Complete the same activities again at the end of the program. Earn stamps for making improvements. See Physical fitness improvements in description in details and descriptions. (Jan 27-April 21, 2018)
Sponsored wellness activitiesup to 50 stampsPWSC and organizations throughout the community have  events that contribute to the different areas of wellness: physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, occupational/financial, emotional. Event sponsors will stamp your passport when you participate in one of their events.  See Sponsored Activities below to learn more. (Jan 27-April 21, 2018)
Nutritionup to 60 stampsEarn stamps by keeping daily nutrition goals.  (Jan 27-April 21, 2018)
Exerciseup to 60 stampsEarn stamps by completing at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. (Jan 27 – April 21, 2018)
Health & Fitness Center classesup to 30 stampsObtain a stamp for your first 30 classes check-ins. (Jan 27 – April 21, 2018)
Healthy commitmentsup to 10 stampsMake a 12 week healthy commitment, record these commitments in your passport during week 1.  Record if you were able to keep the healthy commitment to week 12. Earn 5 stamps for committing to a healthy habit of your choosing like quitting smoking, or giving up soda. Earn another 5 stamps for the continued commitment to that healthy habit. (Jan 27-April 21, 2018)
Finalen/aReport on progress, post-program fitness assessment (dates TBD), and fun run. (April 21, 2018).


Click here to view the calendar for upcoming events and activities. You can also stay up to date on upcoming activities on the Health & Fitness Center Facebook page.

Program Details and Rules

Program Details and Rules


Forms and Documents

Program forms and documents


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