Fluency in English can be important for finding local jobs and careers and to become active in the community. Students whose first, or native, language is not English may attend classes at PWSC to achieve goals related to jobs, family, or further education. Scheduled class times for English Language Learners are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

PWSC recently invested in a new curriculum for English Language Learners (ELL) called Ventures from Cambridge University Press. Ventures provides:

  • a six-level, four skills, standards-based, integrated skills series that empowers students to achieve their academic and career goals
  • an online workbook that gives students the opportunity to learn in class at PWSC and outside the classroom
  • Responsiveness to needs of both job seekers and employers
  • audio support for teaching and assessment of student progress, including listening, vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing

Extended learning opportunities are also available to prepare individuals to apply for U.S. citizenship.

English Language Learners

Last modified: March 11, 2016, modified by Jessica Young