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Phone: 907-424-7598
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Student Frequently Asked Questions on Student Accounts and Payment Plans


Are there payment deadlines?

Yes, there are payment deadlines for each semester. They are published on the Academic Calendar. If you don’t pay your balance in full or enroll in a payment plan before the payment deadlines, you can incur a late fee.

How can I make a payment and view my account balance?

You can view your account online or make payment at any time at UAOnline. Emails are sent out once a month notifying students of their balance. These emails will be sent to whatever email address is set to “Preferred” on UAOnline: Be sure you have a Preferred email address set!

You can also pay in person with a cash, check, or credit card at our Valdez, Copper Basin, and Cordova locations.

To pay with a credit card by phone, call 907-834-1620.

If you would like to mail a check, checks can be mailed to our mailing address.

How to Save Yourself a Service Fee When Paying on Your Student Account

Read this document to learn how to pay online with an e-check to save yourself a service fee: ACH Quick Reference Sheet

Are payment plans available?

Yes, they are. See the UAA Payment Plans page.

Am I responsible for my balance? What happens if I don’t pay?

When a student registers for a course at PWSC, they assume financial responsibility for that registration. There is no University initiated drop for non-payment. Please drop your class by the drop deadline published in the Course List.

If you fail to meet your financial obligations, PWSC policy requires a financial hold be placed on your account. This hold prevents any enrollment, transcript, or graduation activity. You could also have your PFD garnished or be referred to a collection agency should you not pay your balance.

You must pay, drop or enroll in a payment plan on or before the deadlines posted in the course selection catalog to avoid late fees. Electronic bills are emailed out once a month on the 15th from UAOnline.

How do I appeal charges on my account?

Students have only one year to appeal charges on their account, after the semester in which the charges were incurred. You cannot turn up years later and reasonably expect PWSC to waive past debt.

I’m expecting Financial Aid but it hasn’t shown up on my account yet. What can I do?

For questions relating to Financial Aid, contact the Financial Aid Coordinator in the Student Affairs.

My parent and/or spouse works for the University of Alaska. Am I eligible for a Tuition Waiver?

Students and employees with tuition waivers must submit completed tuition waiver forms by the payment deadline posted in the PWSC course selection catalog and pay any additional fees by the applicable payment deadline.

Completed tuition waivers should be turned into the PWSC Business Office window. More information about tuition waivers can be found on the University of Alaska Benefits website.

My employer is going to pay for one of my courses. What do I need to do?

You should have your employer complete an Authorization for Billing form, and send it to the Accounts Receivable technician in the Business Office. You will need to provide your employer with details regarding the cost of the course.


PWSC Valdez Campus serves as a Passport Acceptance Agencies. For more information, call your preferred campus or visit

Passport Acceptance Agency Locations

PWSC Valdez Campus
303 Lowe St.
P.O. Box 97
Valdez, AK 99686

Passport Office Hours:
1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

For more information:

Information for Employees


The University of Alaska uses TEM (Travel and Expense Management) to manage their travel needs. To learn more about this process contact the Cost Center Clerk in your department or go to the Statewide Travel website for information and training.

The University of Alaska has revised their regulations in regard to travel. Please read and become familiar with these regulations in an effort to alleviate misunderstandings concerning the process and reimbursement.

Student Travel Forms

For Student Travel Forms please visit our Forms tab.

Grants and Contracts

PWSC OAS requires that all solicitations for outside funding are approved by OAS before they are submitted. The completed grant paperwork must be turned into the Accounts Receivable technician in the OAS office 3 weeks in advance of the application deadline.

For information regarding Grants and Contracts and Sponsored Programs please refer to the UAA websites listed below:

UAA Grants and Contracts:
UAA Office of Sponsored Programs:


Employee Reimbursement

In some cases, employees can be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses when circumstances prevent the use of the ProCard or other means of procurement. However, these purchases must be pre-approved. Employees must complete and sign an Employee Reimbursement Request Form and attach all required documentation. These documents must be submitted to the Office of Administrative Services for reimbursement.
Representational or entertainment purchases are college funds used to provide refreshments, meals, snacks, beverages or entertainment in support of an event or special occasion. Only the Office of the President is authorized to use Representational Funds.
Non Representational expenses are those expenditures for refreshments, meals, snacks, beverages, decorations, etc. necessary and ordinary to conduct college business.

These types of purchases are subject to University of Alaska Regulations as well as public perception and appearance. Therefore requests for purchase or reimbursement require submitting a completed Rep / Non-Rep Approval Form. The approval process must go through Administrative Services prior to any purchases.

For more information regarding Representational, Nonrepresentational expenses and the acceptance of gifts please refer to the Board of Regents policies that govern such purchases:

Policies and Procedures

Prince William Sound College follows the administrative policies of both the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) and the University of Alaska in addition to policy written specifically for Prince William Sound College.

UAA General Policies

Grants and Contracts
UAA Grants and Contracts:
UAA Office of Sponsored Programs:


University of Alaska Procurement:
University of Alaska Statewide Procurement:



PWSC ProCard Purchasing Process (54.3 KiB)


Travel Regulations


Public Use

Tuition Waiver
Third Party Billing

Third-Party-Billing-Authorization (286.1 KiB)

Promissory Note

Promissory-Note (89.4 KiB)

Internal Use

Banner DSD Student Info Access

BannerDSD-Student-Info-Access (59.6 KiB)

Banner Finance/HR Training
Banner Student Records Access Permissions
Employee Reimbursement Request

Employee-reimbursement (30.8 KiB)

Key Request

Key-Request-Form (314.1 KiB)

Leave Authorization

Leave-Overtime-Authorization-Forms- (10) (1) (663.9 KiB)

Mileage Report

Mileage-report1 (14.1 KiB)


Receiving-form (10.2 KiB)

Rep Non-Rep

Rep-Allowance-Form-Rev-Mar-2016 (263.1 KiB)

University of Alaska HR Forms
PWSC ProCard Purchasing Process

PWSC ProCard Purchasing Process (54.3 KiB)

ProCard PO Change Order Form

ProCard PO Change Order Form 052016 (127.6 KiB)


Pre-Trip Information Sheet

Pre Trip Information Sheet (144.0 KiB)

Post-Trip Information

Post Trip Information Sheet (177.4 KiB)

Student Travel

UAA-Student-Travel-Forms (161.9 KiB)

TEM Set-Up Instructions

TEM Set Up Instructions (305.2 KiB)

Travel Freeze Process

Travel Freeze Process (405.2 KiB)

Export License Exemption Form 2016

Export License Exemption Form 2016 04 (287.4 KiB)

Export License Exemption Certification Form FAQ

Export License Exemption Certification Form FAQ 0516 (272.4 KiB)

Business Office Staff

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Director of Administrative Services
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Administrative Assistant
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Accounts Receivable Technician
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Accounts Payable Technician
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Fiscal Technician
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Office of Administrative Services – Business Office

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