CRNA Professional Writing Clas

Student Grace Voyles in the CRNA Professional Writing class. Students participated in an assignment to choose a pair of socks and write a paragraph describing the socks, who would wear the socks, and when and where that person would wear them. The students all came up with very creative ideas.


Adult Education at Prince William Sound College in Glennallen has been working with students at Copper River Native Association (CRNA) in a writing class geared toward creating professionally worded and grammatically correct correspondence. The class meets for two hours twice a week. So far, grammar and punctuation in narrative and descriptive paragraphs have been reviewed. The class is using an English textbook, Back to the Lake, for writing instruction so that everyone in the class has a copy of the book to highlight while studying.

Joey Eastman describes the class, “As an instructor, this has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my teaching career.” Most of the students are working within agencies of the Copper Basin. The class is dynamic and normally has an attendance of ten or more students. However, because the students have meetings and need to work with clients, they are not always present in class. PWSC and CRNA have established a common goal that when the class ends in May, the students will test for entrance into accredited English 111 this coming fall. When students are enthused about learning and have what they see as an obtainable common goal, teaching and learning is fun.

-Joey Eastman, Copper Basin, and Woody Woodgate, Valdez Regional Program

“The CRNA Writing class has been so uplifting for me because it has taught me to write better than before. As we go from week to week, I observe some magnificent interest among our class mates. I’ve been quite astonished by how talented we all are, from our stories that we share in our class. The most delightful stories have come from each of us as we learn from week to week. I feel that it has brought us all very close in a special way that words can’t explain… This is the most splendid time that I have ever had working here at CRNA.” – Sheila Hurst


Posted on: May 22, 2017