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Associate of Arts

Program Overview

The Associate of Arts provides a well-rounded liberal arts education, that is designed to transfer directly to a bachelor’s degree program, or to enter the workforce with broad-based knowledge and critical-thinking skills.

Typically, Associate of Arts Degrees are accepted as meeting the first two years of study in a bachelor’s degree program. Students intending to transfer to a baccalaureate degree program should check the requirements for that program to ensure they complete all program requirements.

A minimum of 60 semester credits at the 100 level or above and a GPA of 2.0 or higher, including 20 credits at the 200 level or higher, must be completed to earn the A.A. degree. Of the 60 credits, 42 must be completed in the appropriate areas of the General Education Requirements.

Available fully online or via traditional classroom delivery.

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Associate of Arts

Degree Requirements

Minimum Credit Hours: 60
Written Communication Skills (6 credits):

Complete the following:

WRTG A111: Writing Across Contexts (3 cr.)

Select one:

WRTG A211: Writing and the Humanities (3 cr.)

WRTG A212: Writing and the Professions (3 cr.)

WRTG A213: Writing and the Sciences (3 cr.)

WRTG A214: Arguing Across Contexts (3 cr.)

CIOS A260A Business Communications (3 cr.)

Oral Communication Skills (3 credits):

Select one:

COMM A111 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (3 cr.)

COMM A235 Small Group Communication (3 cr.)

COMM A237 Interpersonal Communications (3 cr.)

COMM A241 Public Speaking (3 cr.)

Mathematics and Natural Science (9 credits):

Select from:

Math A105 or one course from the Quantitative Skills Area.

Select 6 credits from the Natural Science courses listed.

PDF of Courses

Humanities and Fine Arts (9 credits):

Select three courses with at least one course from Humanities and at least one course from Fine Arts

PDF of Courses

Social Sciences (9 credits):

Select 6 credits with two different disciplines represented.

PDF of Courses

200 Level Courses (20 credits):

At least 20 credits must be from 200 level courses.

General Electives (27 credits):

Course Descriptions and Prerequisites

For a detailed description of each course offering and any prerequisite requirements, click on the button below.

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Important Information on Requirements

  1. You must be admitted to an A.A. degree prior to applying for graduation.
  2. Complete a minimum of 60 credits at the 100 level or above to include 20 credits at the 200 level or above.
  3. Fifteen (15) credits must be completed in residence at UAA.
  4. Cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better is required.
  5. Course substitutions for required courses must be approved through petition, see advisor for assistance.
  6. If a bachelor’s degree is a future goal, see an advisor regarding compatible course selections.
  7. All degree requirements must be met within five years of formal admission or the student must re-apply for admission and meet requirements in effect at the time.

Associate of Arts

Education Outcomes

Prince William Sound College has identified the following Outcomes that encapsulate what all graduates will achieve in completing the required General Education courses. In addition, “Critical Thinking,” Outcome 1, is essential to higher order thinking of any type, and so it has been adopted as a central component for all courses meeting the General Education Requirements of the college and will be demonstrated as a Learning Outcome in all General Education courses.

All General Education Courses must include Outcome 1:

Outcome 1: Develop Critical Thinking Skills

  • Demonstrate the ability to think critically within a discipline.
  • Identify connections and relationships among disciplines.
  • Use an integrated approach to analyze new situations.

All General Education Courses must include at least one additional outcome, selected from Outcomes 2 through 7.

Outcome 2: Develop communications ability (effectively interpret, send, and respond to communications for varied audiences and purposes)

  • Demonstrate use of effective listening, interpersonal, small-group/collaborative, and public communication skills.
  • Demonstrate effective writing skills that use awareness of audience; clear thesis development; ethical use of sources; and appropriate conventions of format, structure, and language for multiple disciplines.
  • Demonstrate the ability to read critically and analyze, synthesize, and evaluate various forms of information including written texts and other media.

Outcome 3: Develop quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills

  • Demonstrate degree appropriate skills in applying the principles of mathematics or logic.
  • Apply the scientific method in a laboratory setting.

Outcome 4: Develop the ability to make value judgments and independent decisions

  • Identify own values.
  • Identify and demonstrate an understanding of diverse values.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of relevant ethical and responsible behavior.

Outcome 5: Develop multicultural understanding and global awareness

  • Describe relationships between self and the world.
  • Demonstrate understanding of issues related to global interdependence.
  • Demonstrate understanding of cultural issues such as race, social class, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities.

Outcome 6: Develop aesthetic responsiveness

  • Discuss selected arts in terms of their formal elements.
  • Relate artistic works to the contexts from which they emerge.
  • Defend judgments about the quality of selected artistic expressions.

Outcome 7: Develop the ability to use technology

  • Demonstrate effective use of technology for problem solving, communication, or information retrieval.

E-Commerce and Mobile Application Development

The Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies prepares students for further study or for an immediate edge in the job market. By completing courses in either e-commerce or mobile application development, students will position themselves to enter the exciting world of professional computing as either an e-commerce or mobile application developer.

Emphasis Areas of Study

While pursuing your AA degree, choose from a variety of e-commerce and mobile application courses to develop the following skills.

  • Professional web page design using HTML5 and CSS3
  • Web database administration using MySQL
  • Client-side scripting using JavaScript
  • Server-side scripting using PHP
Mobile Application Development
  • XML
  • Web database administration using MySQL
  • Java Programming
  • Android Development


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Associate of Arts

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